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Michael Farzam MD

24/7 House Calls - Alternative to Urgent Care - (310) 849-7991

House Call Doctor Los Angeles brings concierge medical care service to residents in Bel Air who don't want to leave their homes for treatment. Run by Dr. Michael Farzam, his alternative to urgent care in Bel Air allows patients to seek help for practically any non-emergency illness imaginable. In addition to treatments, Dr. Farzam can perform blood work, x-rays, immunizations and vaccines, medical clearance, and any other service that an urgent care Bel Air facility could provide. Plus, he offers the personal touch, spending 45 minutes on average with each patient and personally following up the next day.

24/7 Prompt and Efficient Care

While having the House Call Doctor Los Angeles come to you is certainly convenient, it's also a healthier alternative to urgent care in Bel Air. Sitting in a waiting room for an undetermined amount of time can be incredibly taxing, especially when compared to resting at home. This undue stress can have a negative effect on recuperation; so can catching another illness from other patients waiting at an urgent care or emergency room. This makes the house call services of Dr. Farzam an effective way to increase healing time.

House Calls to Your Office or Hotel, as Well

Dr. Farzam will visit any patient in Los Angeles seeking urgent care, Van Nuys to Manhattan Beach. This includes guests in town who are far from their general practitioner and might need a doctor's visit in their hotel room. This also means that Dr. Farzam will come to your office or studio, allowing you to continue working rather than take hours off to see a physician at an urgent care, Studio City entertainment workshops to Downtown business high-rises included.

Contact House Call Doctor Los Angeles

Of course, if you're experiencing a medical emergency, you should call 911 immediately. However, anything less dangerous than an emergency can capably be handled by House Call Doctor Los Angeles. Give us a call at 310-849-7991. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.